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1. A convention hall located in Garden City, Michigan, U.S.A.
2. A dillhole who names themselves after their place of work, given they are employed at RomaHall. Known for their brash incompetence and bad attempts at political talk, having no actual knowledge of the subjects that they speak of.
What's up with Romahall? Between bussing tables, he told us that he has uncovered a secret alien force that is responsible for Al Gore not winning the '00 election.
by Ghod November 07, 2003
Short for Mr. HayFuckinRide. Most common use: A groupie who hangs out on musician's message boards and attempts to be friends with them, usually claiming to have just as much credibility, but without the knowledge, education or experience.
Hrlyrider99 doesn't play an instrument, yet he is telling us how to play ours.
by Ghod November 07, 2003
He who is God, the one who knows all, sees all and is capable of all. The omniscient and omnipotent.
The mighty biznatch from above is shining upon me today. I won $3,000,000 just for walking into hooters!
by Ghod November 07, 2003
Dillhole known for sitting in his basement, jobless, and blowing glass. Said dillhole also likes to smoke pot, ignore all information that is given to him, and subscribe to hippie hardcore political theories. If hippies do it, so does he.
Check out that floyd over there, holding up the "no oil" sign and shouting things about cutting military spending. I wonder if he's washed his hair lately?
by Ghod November 07, 2003

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