a word used against white people; similar to cracka, honkey, or whitey.
yo cracka!
shut up, bird shit!
man dont call me dat
u are bird shit though!
i am?
yeah. your white, like bird shit, so your bird shit!!
by Walter Muller May 13, 2006
The feces emitted from the rear of a bird. It’s white and fun to look at.
Bird 1: man i need to shit
Bird 2: well then do a bird shit
Cow: I wish i could do a bird shit :(
by Blackington September 11, 2006
Banter from a group of women in a bar, as blokes bullshit when they have had a couple, women "birdshit".
I'v been with him over there, honest!!
This sounds like birdshit.
by Ivor Lewis April 27, 2006
When a person goes the bathroom and plays Angry Birds. This usually involves sitting on the toilet for so long that your legs fall asleep.
Coworker : Man where have you been for the last hour?
Me : I had to take a bird shit its been a stressful day.
Coworker : I had one of those last week.
by Nomah1000 July 11, 2012
n. colloq. The more trivial instruments of the percussion section of an orchestra or band, namely the triangle, tambourine, sleigh bells, vibraslap, mark tree. Usally played by the more junior members of the percussion section.
Looks like I'm gonna have to play the birdshit instruments again!
by DanEvans April 06, 2010
Condors that are secretly against you and your car and attacks with plot and poop strategies. Damages range from small brown/white poop marks to large green disgusting ones. Ultimately leading to you taking your vehicle to a car wash.
Bob: So what your doing this weekend mike?
Mike: F***ing cleaning my car, look at all that BIRD SHIT! F***ing pigeons.
by Mike718 April 08, 2008
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