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verb-(to lennie someone) To euthanize someone on grounds of their retardation by shooting them in the back of the head. (comes from Lennie of John Stienbeck's "Of Mice and Men"). Often done while discussing unattainable dreams of a rabbit farm that symbolizes the American Dream and protection from the cruelties of the world.
Retard: This completely ruins the entire concept of Lost, seeing as it is a drama, not a comedy.

Society: Oh fuck...we're going to have lennie him.
by georgetoyou April 20, 2009
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A guy of tremendous size who suffers from mental retardation, he has a sexual fantasy of "tending the rabbits" which possible means living the american dream, his best friend's name is George. The world Lennie is also a derogatory term which refers to the murder of your best friend on grounds of their retardation and because they have killed a puppy and a women because he bet them both to hard and broke their necks. The term and person is derived from the novel by John Steinbeck's of "Mice and Men" about two laborers in California's Salinas Valley who end up in a world of shit and end up shooting each other.
Kyle:Wow can you believe George shot Lennie in the head!
Connor: Oh shit!

Lennie: I don't get to tend no rabbits if I get in any trouble.
George: Lennie will you shut up and look towards the river and close your eyes.
Lennie: For what Geor_?
by Themanthelegendthehab October 01, 2011
The awesomest girl in the world. Who lives far away from where I live. If you didn't know how awesome she is, you probably don't know her or like... Are stupid. I miss her a lot and I can't wait to see her tomorrow. I wish somehow that I'd be able to see her today.
Lennie is too cool. Word...
by Fuh-Rancis January 29, 2006

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