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adj. menter, mentest: The condition of being deliberately awkward, stubborn and/or unco-operative/inflexible at an inappropriate time, often governed by mood. Can also be applied to non-living objects such as computers.
Origins - possibly comes from "mean" but there's rumour that "ment" was a seventeenth century dialect word meaning "foul smelling"
A person who is difficult and unco-operative is "ment". A jobsworth is particularly ment, and so is a computer when it decides to crash right at the worst time. Even the weather can be ment: for example it rains when you plan to take the family to the seaside on your day off work.

example: "Hurry up you ment putter!"
by DanEvans April 05, 2010
n. a loose woman who likes to hang out - like a dog's tongue. A woman of loose virtue.
Usually in her late teens to late twenties, a dog-tongue "hangs out" at bars and clubs with other dog-tongues.
Dog-tongues don't take relationships seriously. They like to lead (usually) older and wealthy men on for their own ends before dumping them and moving on to the next victim. Dog-tongues are predatory, using their superficial good looks to snare men and drag them from their existing partners, often with heartbreaking results. A dog-tongue can be compared to the mythical siren.

"Look at her! She's a real dog-tongue!"
"Saturday night - the dog-tongues are out again"
by DanEvans April 05, 2010
n. A loud middle-aged or elderly man usually found in pubs, betting shops, municipal golf courses, flea markets and bus rallies throughout the UK. The word 'putter' in this sense has origins in 'punter' and of course an old putter will 'putt around' - invariably getting in everone's way in the process.
Putters usually follow a traditional dress: Cap or trilby hat, golf attire, blazers, flasher-macs and unfashionable spectacles. They are very traditional in their views and despite their generally working class origins, they will vote Conservative.

Putters love to whistle- loudly. A putter's whistle is often tuneless and full of sentimental vibrato - usually some unmusical version of a wartime number.
Putters can be grumpy and very impatient with young people.
by DanEvans April 05, 2010
n. colloq. The more trivial instruments of the percussion section of an orchestra or band, namely the triangle, tambourine, sleigh bells, vibraslap, mark tree. Usally played by the more junior members of the percussion section.
Looks like I'm gonna have to play the birdshit instruments again!
by DanEvans April 06, 2010
A name for Wetherspoons, a UK chain of pubs and bars, so named for all the old putters that drink there
"We could go to Putterspoons for a burger if you like"
by DanEvans April 06, 2010
n. The reduced-to-clear shelf in a supermarket, so call as all the cheapskate old putters gather around it looking for something for nothing.
"There might be some bargains in the putter bin"
by DanEvans April 06, 2010
A name for the downmarket UK supermarket chain Somerfield, due to it's popularity with old putters
"I'll pop down to Putterfield's for some booze"
by DanEvans April 06, 2010

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