A penis without a spine. While America's enemies plotted against her, Bill Clinton philandered. A dishonest and cowardly man who wouldnt know the truth if it bit him on the ass. When the islamo-nazis attacked American interests over-seas Clinton reacted by bombing an asprin factory. A president who was only elected because of Ross Perot, and whose 'great economy' was based on the fantasy of the 'dot-coms' and fradulent accounting policies of US firms. The tragic Clinton presidency was a direct cause of Sept 11th 2001. Also, he has a thing for ugly women - dykezilla (his wife), Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones and Babs
Bill Clinton: I tried to get Osama and failed!

Thinking person whose mind is not full of left-wing conspiricy bullshit: Aw Horseshit!
by Big Fat Daddy October 08, 2007
the worst president since Jimmy Carter or quite possibly LBJ
Monica wasn't the only one that sucked on the job.
by popisdead February 17, 2005
Swaggering thug passion, cute and plus a body to die for!
When Bill Clinton walks across the podem and speaks! damn
by Sweet Sweet December 06, 2009
President who likes the BJ's. So what. I don't know about you, but I like my president to be nice and relaxed.
Bill Clinton likes to have relations with people better looking than his wife. Oh no.
by Red January 29, 2005
Draftdodger. Adulterer. Liar. The most immoral President who turned the White House into a joke. A Democrat and former Governor of Arkansas characterized as a womanizer who can't keep his wandering eyes and crotch off other women besides his overbearing wife. Was impeached after being put on trial in the U.S. Senate in 1998 for the obstruction of justice and lying under oath in the Paula Jones deposition. He is regared with an adulterous affair with intern named Monica Lewinsky in which he recieved, at minimumm, a blow job from her in the Oval Office. This evidence was used in his impeachment trial. famous for his dishonest words to the American public by saying, "I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman, Ms Lewinsky. I never told anyone to lie, not a single time. These allegations are false." His corruption makes him popular in Hollywood. He was aquitted in early 1999. Some of his other women include Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones and Jennifer Flowers.
Key events during his 8 year tenure as President:
the signing of NAFTA
the firing of Joycelyn Elders, the Surgeon General
signing of the Camp David Accords
the "suicide" of Vincent Foster
the shut down of the government
sending miscles in Iraq to cover his troubles with Lewinsky
the Whitewater scandal
the compound fire against the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX
the bombing of the Mura Federal building in OKC
the 1st bombing of the WTC
putting gays in the military

Bill Clinton is disgusting and one of the worst Preidents as a result, in my opinion.
by krock1dk August 07, 2007
One of the worst presidents in U.S. history. Cheated on his wife, then lied about it (but I kind of don't blame him, I mean, look at who his wife is). Inherited a good economy and took credit for it. Then destroyed the economy, while Bush takes the blame. The president doesn't have much to do with the economy.
Only president so far to have been elected by MTV. Oh, yeah, and his running mate claimed to have invented the internet after Clinton got out of office.
by Jess April 17, 2005
In 1992, Bill Clinton was a not-so-popular small southern senator who, despite speculation of many, won the Democratic Primaries. He ran against current incumbent George Bush I. Even though he was jeered at first and nobody believed he would have a chance, he eventually won the election by a landslide. His first term was generally a time of growing economy and good progress which made it easy for him to defeat Bob Dole in 1996 by an even bigger landslide than 1992. However, by most people his second term is remembered more for its scandals such as the Monica Lewinsky scandal in which the president was impeached for lying about his sexual relations with an intern. This severely marred his reputation and the reputation of his administration (which is often blamed for Gore's defeat since he could no longer rely on Clinton's popularity). He exited presidency in 2000 and retired. In 2004 he underwent bypass heart surgery.
Bill Clinton was a controversial figure but achieved a lot.
by axon December 30, 2004
Soon to be the First Man of the White House in history. Will become America's First Bitch of the White House.
Hillary will make Bill Clinton her bitch when she takes over the White House.
by Clint Auf March 23, 2008

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