42nd US president. Said to have done great things for our shores, but overseas he did crappy. He was also immoral and lied under oath, actually making him the first president to do so.
"Some say that Bill Clinton is to blame for Nine-Eleven. Who knows who to blame..."
by Dave March 31, 2004
this biggest ass in america besides marcos (guy who left 2nd definition)
Not only did the idiot cheat on his wife hillary (or should i say husband?) by recieving it orally, he also didnt give a damn about cuba pointing nuclear weapons at America (were lucky we didnt get bombed)
Bill is responsible for saddam having weapons of mass destruction when Bill thought it would be "rude" 2 search Iraq
because of him, saddam still had nukes and with them bombed the world trade centers

How do people talk about how bad Bush is when our last president was Bill Clinton?
by lemonpartyfan April 04, 2007
a dumb ass who only thinks about sex.
clinton is old guy that didnt do shit for his country.
by baka_kuso_yarou December 09, 2004
the "meat" in a Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. sandwhich

proof that politics makes strange(homosexual) bedfellows
If Hitler and Stalin were caught in bed together having GAY,ANAL SEX,which one would you vote for?
by Norm MacDonald January 14, 2005
1.) used to describe someone of high social status that has accomplished a great goal.

2.) used to describe a certian object of value
1.) Guy 1: 'Hey did u hear that Akons in alot of trouble for performing an on stage rape on a young girl? He deserves to be in such trouble'.

Guy 2: 'What are u talking about fool? His music sucks but he got it on on stage with a 15 year old. That niggas Bill Clinton'

2.) 'Yo I just picked up some crazy ass ganja from Jamaica, this shits Bill Clinton'!
by jag240 May 10, 2007
This is something that Ah actually said on the night of September 27, 2003 in a "secret" Adult's bar in New York City:
"Fuck me please Ah am very gay. Wanna know mah fuckin name? it is Blowjob. Aka: Billy Boy. AKA: Bill Clinton The Ass Fucker. Peeps, Ah really like men, 'specially there asses;......so fuck me."
The only reason Ah'm puttin mah quote here is because Ah furgot to put it in mah book: My Life.
by Bill Clinton December 07, 2004
Husband of the 44th President of the USA.
That Bill Clinton made a fine First Lady.
by calufrax January 03, 2007

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