Man who lied under oath before the supreme court of the United states. Commonly compared to George W. Bush, his successor, who managed to avoid being tried for his crimes against America by instituting a commitee of right wing fundamentalist christians while the media's attention was diverted by his numerous, and humorous blunders.

Bill Clinton poorly led his countrymen by getting his dick sucked in office. If only this man had come after G.W. Bush, he could have followed his example of getting oil at the expense of American lives (thousands of them). Stupid Bill didn't even think of how readily his soldiers would sacrifice thier lives so their parents could still drive fords and chevys (even though they had been produced in outsourced factories).

A rose between 2 thorns....or is it a rose between 2 Bushes (I forget how that saying goes)

Bill Clinton was powerless to prevent the onslaught on human rights at the hands of George "Dubbleyah" Bush, his successor.
by Partisan Milne March 19, 2006
The man who ended America.
We are all going away.Just you wait and see.

It's all over and done with.Finito Caput,THE END.
by politicians are sick evil fucks August 05, 2005
the worst president since Jimmy Carter or quite possibly LBJ
Monica wasn't the only one that sucked on the job.
by popisdead February 17, 2005
Swaggering thug passion, cute and plus a body to die for!
When Bill Clinton walks across the podem and speaks! damn
by Sweet Sweet December 06, 2009 who can bomb the counrty of Iraq twice in 4 years and place 125,00 troops in the Gulf area and declare no act of war. who betrayed his country and likes mcdonalds french fries but doesnt inhale pot.
3.tricky bastard.
God damn I wish I hadnt voted for Bill Clinton.
by Jim Ignatauski August 03, 2005
President who likes the BJ's. So what. I don't know about you, but I like my president to be nice and relaxed.
Bill Clinton likes to have relations with people better looking than his wife. Oh no.
by Red January 29, 2005
In 1992, Bill Clinton was a not-so-popular small southern senator who, despite speculation of many, won the Democratic Primaries. He ran against current incumbent George Bush I. Even though he was jeered at first and nobody believed he would have a chance, he eventually won the election by a landslide. His first term was generally a time of growing economy and good progress which made it easy for him to defeat Bob Dole in 1996 by an even bigger landslide than 1992. However, by most people his second term is remembered more for its scandals such as the Monica Lewinsky scandal in which the president was impeached for lying about his sexual relations with an intern. This severely marred his reputation and the reputation of his administration (which is often blamed for Gore's defeat since he could no longer rely on Clinton's popularity). He exited presidency in 2000 and retired. In 2004 he underwent bypass heart surgery.
Bill Clinton was a controversial figure but achieved a lot.
by axon December 30, 2004
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