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"What You Doing?"

See "wubu2"... present tense of "what you been doing?" may also been seen as wuu2.
Person: Hey wyd?
Person2: Listening to music!
by Rozza April 10, 2006
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What You Doing

Used online or in other writing format
Person 1: Hey! Wyd?

Person 2: Nothing much. Just fell off my roof but it's all good.
by luckyduuude June 27, 2010
what are you doing;;
sarah:nuttin;;jus chillin;;wyd
kiera:watchin tv;;
by kutiekeedy December 08, 2009
A question, most commonly used for texting. WYD is an abbreviation for the phrase for "What You Doing?"
Hey, wyd??
Not much dude, wyd??
by Research=ProvenFacts June 21, 2014
What ya doin?
Why are there so many of the same definitions of Wyd on the urban dictionary.
by Gunny20 October 27, 2014
Clan tag for: Who's Your Daddy?
axbaby almost dodged WYDDooMer's Rocket
by Anon October 25, 2003
World Youth Day. A massive coming together of the Catholic youth celebrating their faith. The pope comes aswell and everyone joins in with each other and has a big party. It's a great way of meeting people from all of the world.
Guy: So where have you been the past week?
Girl: Ohh I've been at wyd. It was great.
by ocoth July 21, 2008

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