1. Crooked or dishonest worker (may be a cop).
2. To be way too high.
3. To be fucked on top of something.
1. "Man, dont't worry 'bout that pig, he's bent."
2. "I was sooo bent last night, I woke up still stoned."
2. "I bent that horny little slut over the Kitchen table."
by Diego June 29, 2003
Top Definition
The state of being when you are intoxicated from using both alcohol and marijuana.
Yea I don't remember anything from last night, I was bent as hell.
by B-ryan July 16, 2003
1. To be dishonest or corrupt, often used in reference to a police officer.
2. To be at a stage of severe intoxication due to the use of narcotics and/or alcohol.
3. To be homosexual or effeminate in appearance or nature.
1. "Supt. Sam Tucker was a bent cop."
2. "Oh man, I was totally bent last night."
3. "You are so friggin' bent!"
by crackotfige September 05, 2005
(adj.) to be pissed off, angered
Cynthia got all bent when she thought Justin going to jail was an elaborate hoax.
by Sinister Rouge June 20, 2004
to get mad drunk out of your mind.
yo nigga u gettin bent tonight?
by spark1151 February 01, 2008
A man who is not, shall we say, straight. Another word for a gay guy, such as Chris Webb.
ex...Man that Chris Webb sure is bent.
by Conner Kropf May 08, 2006
when someone is ripped or blazed out of their mind
I was so bent last night. After smokin that O, who wouldn't be?
by Urban Dictionary January 12, 2004
As a verb:
The act of lying about something so meaningless, that it would have been better to just say nothing at all in the first place. After a bent action, the person will lose mass amounts of respect and gain mass amounts of trash talk behind their back.

As an adjective:
Used to describe a horrible lie, one that is obviously far from the truth. The statement usually contains so much stupidity, people hearing it will be shocked at how unnecessary it was.
Ginger - "I went to this party on my street last weekend with a couple buds. Saw some nice bunnies, wheeled n' porked a few, then went again the next day."
Twinkie - "Why the hell are you benting?"

Ginger - "Me and my buddies were just tagging down the street, I was half drunk and half high at the time, then these two big guys jumped me. They took everything I had on me."
MAD - "That story is ridiculously bent."
by specialists October 03, 2007

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