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Native Hawai'ian language, literal meaning is 'love'. Modern use is as a greeting and a farewell.
Hawai'i is the Aloha state
by Hubert March 25, 2005
Can mean fuck off.
Leave your message at the tone. Aloha!
by lavars June 29, 2011
commonly used Hawaiian word; Hello, Goodbye, and Love. OR Can also be a common girl's name.
Girl : Aloha !

Boy : Oh ! Hello to you to !

Girl : No, sorry I was talking to my friend, "Aloha" *laughs*

Boy : ....Sorry
by teddyISbear December 20, 2011
Slang term used to greet a very different and adventurous good freind.
Aloha, said carl to jessi.
by GUIN. March 27, 2005