being a lesbian.
Person 1: What happened to you & him?
Person 2: These niggas be doin a bitch so dirty, I'm bouta go bent on 'em.
by hoesdontknow November 19, 2012
adjective .

when someone has got you confused , they think you're one way when your not .
This bitch has got me so bent if she thinks i wont fuck her ass up .
by JahyLocc October 26, 2010
when someone is really high
Dude i was so *bent* last night
by DD32795 July 16, 2009
to messed up, corrupt, or a bed person.
yo that kids always madd bent.
by reckkle$$ November 03, 2010
When a friend of yours is acting strange, bonkers, kind of creepy, and/or agressive. This state will sometimes last for a long period of time, but for the most part he/she will soon snap out of it and return to their normal behavior.
"Hey, did you hear what Jonny did?"

"No, what did he do?"

"Well, he went to Mike's house with a machete and threatened to kill his whole family if he didn't pay back his 5 dollars!"

"Wow, all that over 5 dollars? Sounds like he's being pretty bent right now!"

"Yeah, I'll say!"
by Ed Too Big Jones April 11, 2010
being drunk
damm bruh dis mickey got me BENT az fuck
by yungin415 June 30, 2010
If something is gay (as in bad).
boy1: daaaang, my parents wont let me go to see my favorite band in concert
boy2: duuuude, thats bent.
by hawtstuffLOL June 04, 2009
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