Short for recumbent.
I am going to ride my 'bent.
by 'Bent Triker December 19, 2004
when you are drunk as hell
damn yo, I was bent last night, I can't remember shit
by ~*Melissa*~ September 03, 2006
to be completely high on either heroin or OxyContin.
I bought like 10 bags of heroin last night and got fuckin bent!
by gangstaaaaaaaaaaa October 02, 2008
(verb) a type of betting, that consists of two people betting with thier knuckles facing each other, while hand is curved(like holding a cup).
matt and his boyfriend mcvan bent on who will win the chocolate covered bananah eating contest.
by mangina face January 17, 2008
This term describes something that is not good. Unreal, fake, and totally not cool.
The majority of politicians have morals that are really bent, despite how much they build up the virtues of their character.
by Dawn Hard June 17, 2007
a person who teases and does sexual things with the same sex but wnould never be in a relationship with the same sex.
Jack and Dave couldn't be together because Jack was bent and just wanted Dave for sex.
by dewayne July 24, 2006
A person of bisexual orientation who decides, for reasons involving the desire to have children, to persue relationships of the heterosexual type.
ME: I would date you, but I'm not bi.
SOMEONE OF MY GENDER: Then what are you?
ME: Bent.
by Rhea July 11, 2004

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