As a verb:
The act of lying about something so meaningless, that it would have been better to just say nothing at all in the first place. After a bent action, the person will lose mass amounts of respect and gain mass amounts of trash talk behind their back.

As an adjective:
Used to describe a horrible lie, one that is obviously far from the truth. The statement usually contains so much stupidity, people hearing it will be shocked at how unnecessary it was.
Ginger - "I went to this party on my street last weekend with a couple buds. Saw some nice bunnies, wheeled n' porked a few, then went again the next day."
Twinkie - "Why the hell are you benting?"

Ginger - "Me and my buddies were just tagging down the street, I was half drunk and half high at the time, then these two big guys jumped me. They took everything I had on me."
MAD - "That story is ridiculously bent."
by specialists October 03, 2007
when somebody does something really messed up or severely offensive to another person.
dave: ey dude, did you hear about jacque and steve?
norman: yeah man, she dumped him on his birthday.
dave: dude thats so bent...
by krunkraka June 09, 2009
Bent, meaning gay, homosexual, queer.
for example; Kurt is bent.
by totallyswag July 07, 2014
meaning: gay
opposite of a straight person
"he's as bent as a roundabout"
by claire johnson March 07, 2005
To have an extreme skill at something many look up to. This can be a sport, video game, or any other skill.
"We are getting straight BENT at this mate!" - Olaijide Olatunji
by The Gaming Monster September 29, 2014

: something that is changed by bending preexisting notions or beliefs : not your typical

: different from the normal or usual
Did you see the the Rick Owens SS14 show? That show was BENT!

Have you seen the model Andrej Pejic? She's so bent!
by chicapeligrosa November 14, 2013
Opposite of straight, meaning homosexual.
Joey from down the street is hella bent actin the way he does.
by CnClear January 06, 2011
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