To have someone hella fucked up. To be trippin.
"You got me bent nigga."
by OG_Chickk. July 10, 2008
A way one on the midwest likes to describe having eaten Alprozam, better known as Zanax bars. Bent is more like the feeling, because when the user injests, time flys, they have the worst memory, and as the word says they are bent, or "two steps too the left", most referred to as. Others may say Bentaroo referring to the festival Bonnaroo, some other names are roller skating, or bent-ski.
"Maaaan let's go hit up the Lotus show in Kent, we could still make it."
"Nah, brohah with you all bent, IM GOOD.

"That bitch is two steps too the left, did you catch her? Haha!
"Ya ms bentski, tahaha!
by katesmit216 September 22, 2007
1. Crooked or dishonest worker (may be a cop).
2. To be way too high.
3. To be fucked on top of something.
1. "Man, dont't worry 'bout that pig, he's bent."
2. "I was sooo bent last night, I woke up still stoned."
2. "I bent that horny little slut over the Kitchen table."
by Diego June 29, 2003
bad; not good; destroyed
that chick looks bent. That exam was bent, I hate my teach
by dstepp August 17, 2011

This is a unique usage of the word which is used to describe a smell or a taste. It is difficult to define "bent", but the prototypic example of a bent smell is the way it smells outside after it's been raining a while and there are worms everywhere. Some people say it smells like "raw meat" or "wormy", well that is an example of a bent smell. Another example of a bent smell is the way a metal sink smells after there's been water sitting in it for a while.

When it comes to tastes, people often use the term "gamey" when describing the taste of bent meat. Another excellent example of something that can taste "bent" is if you don't cook chicken well enough.
1. Ew, that chicken I made wasn't cooked enough and it tasted really bent.

2. Fuck it smells all wormy and bent outside.
by simonchuck June 24, 2009
Acting Funny over some of over the oppisite sex.Going out your way for some one of the opposite sex.
Man you stay boo-loving with her you acting hella bent.
by iRobb February 14, 2009
Another way of saying drunk or wasted.
Man, I was so bent after that party last night!
by AbPSY May 11, 2008

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