A great tasting beverage that can lead to getting you buzzed and drunk. People have different tolerance levels making it hard to detect who is drunk or not. There are different levels of drunk. There's the standard level of 'drunk', 'more drunk' and then it skips all the way up to 'shitfaced'. When at the level of 'shitfaced' you tend to puke/pass out/not remember anything. It can be fun until you end up in the middle of nowhere with your shirt and shoes missing. Some beers are great to enjoy but there's always a reason people are drinking, and that is to get to the level of 'shitfaced'.
Person 1: Oh man I had some great beer the other day!
Person 2: I'm surprised you remember you were so shitfaced!
by Paintcrazy23 August 26, 2013
Helping ugly people have sex since the 17 century.
John got laid last night because she had too many beers.
by Johannarin December 10, 2010
A bland, watery alcoholic drink helping ugly people have sex since 1862.
Michael- Dude I can't believe you slept with her! She's such an ugly slut... she's like 400 pounds too!
Chris- I had beer, what do you expect? It happens.

Nelly (at party)- well this party sucks. I'm leaving.
Sally (also at party)- wait I just got 3 6-packs!
Nelly- well hell yeah then I'll stay!
by MissCaliBrownie April 08, 2010
Something 99.9% of college kids use to have fun because their personalities aren't appealing enough to have fun with.
People who drink beer every day in college are most likely very uninteresting people. 100% of the hilarious things I do, I am sober while doing them. If drinking is your life in college, you need one.
by Fiesta Facelift October 04, 2004
1.what you drink at a keg party
2.the 8th wonder of the world
4.The pleasure you have to unfarely wait 21 years for-who the hell cares, i'm 25
5.Andy Dick's water
6.good stuff
7.what hobos really buy with the money you give them.
My bitterz
by CJ Henry April 01, 2004
Beer is an alcoholic drink made out of water, yeast, water and malt. Beer has about 5% alcohol. The best beer is brewed by the Rothaus brewery in Black Forest, Germany.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
Beer is the nectar of the gods! When you drink beer you become beercules
1. beer is good

2. i love beer
by monrax32 September 29, 2014

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