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An English word for a gay person.
Terrance, did you see Oliver sipping tea with his new bum chum?
by Jefe March 30, 2003
the perfect addition to marijuana, and the second best thing to hard alcohol.
a homeless man passed out on the sidewalk
by Jefe April 27, 2005
The act of inbounding the ball/putting the ball in play in a game of basketball.
Check ball nigga!
by Jefe July 17, 2003
A dance now being made popular in Compton by DJ Quik in his new song with B-Real of Cypress Hill called "Fandango"
"feel free to lose your mind, let ya brain go/ f*** the tango do the the fandango"
by Jefe May 05, 2005
Cool or hip.
That new movie was crunk.
by Jefe March 30, 2003

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