1.what you drink at a keg party
2.the 8th wonder of the world
4.The pleasure you have to unfarely wait 21 years for-who the hell cares, i'm 25
5.Andy Dick's water
6.good stuff
7.what hobos really buy with the money you give them.
My bitterz
by CJ Henry April 01, 2004
drink which allows man to get pussy; AKA "heaven in a bottle"
"Drink lots of beer biatccccccch... G G G-Unittttttttt!"
by Omar the White Stallion April 24, 2003
"liquid bread", european origin. is served to any meal on demand (exception:usa)
good beer needs to be brewed according to an ancient german brewery law from 1516 a.d.
bad "beer" isnt allowed to be sold under the name "beer" in germany and has fewer quality than superior german beer.(alcoholic percentage is also different: americanlite"beer" mostly has about 2% of alcohol, normal german beer has a standard of at least 4.8% percent)
in may special beer is sold with a percentage of about 8%.
i´m hungry! do you have beer?
by nuketheworld April 20, 2003
B.E.E.R.S is a secret underground organization in witch only the most elite and "alpha" of the human species group together, mingle and plan the fate of the Universe. B.E.E.R.S has been the target of many end world conspiracies and is ranked among the most powerful and influential groups known to man. If B.E.E.R.S does not approve of you, watch out.
1. "B.E.E.R.S just ruined my life"

2." B.E.E.R.S just sunk my battle ship"

3. "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of B.E.E.R.S."
by gold leader12345 June 14, 2011
helping ugly people to have sex
by jono meadows July 27, 2003
its liquid bread aka beer its good for you
Beer its bottled bread so you dont have to chew.
by C.B.C.S. May 28, 2008
Tasty alcoholic drink, thats cool and refreshing- traditional British Drink
Yo! Coming down the pub?
-Yeh, in a minuite
-Cool, i'll get the beers in
by Mr. 1980s March 17, 2005

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