its liquid bread aka beer its good for you
Beer its bottled bread so you dont have to chew.
by C.B.C.S. May 28, 2008
Unbelievably,this is the singular of beer!(if spoken by gerry)
Yo conors, d'ya want a beers?

Three beer, two beer, one Beers
by Kunstable August 06, 2007
Tasty alcoholic drink, thats cool and refreshing- traditional British Drink
Yo! Coming down the pub?
-Yeh, in a minuite
-Cool, i'll get the beers in
by Mr. 1980s March 17, 2005
A unit of measurement equal to the amount of time OR money that something requires. Requires a sliding scale as the purchase price of beer may vary depending on location.
The train from Brussels to Amsterdam is four beers long.

The Hostel near the Red Light District costs about 12 beers a night.
by the wiremother February 03, 2010
Beer; best for the use of a mini-ramp session. To be drank in sk8-hi's and flannel attire. Drink in large quantities for fullest enjoyment. Use for locking in clean ass back smiths. Makes reverting easier.
Fuck boy, you know that beer get me all rez'd out!!
Pb-R is the new Pb&j.
Lemme fuck with summa dat OE, i'm from da old skoo brotha!
40 oz liquid bread.
That front feeble 270 out was dope homeboy, swig on my Mickies if you wanna.
by apewrangler April 03, 2008
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