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4 definitions by lemmings

1. The Coldest Damn State Within The Borders Of The US. Ironicly They Made A Movie About Us Called Fargo. Whats Even More Ironic Is How Much Truth Is In The Movie.
2. State Where The Seasons Are Renamed To:
HEll On Earth, Mosquito, HELL On Earth Frozen Over, Constrution.
weatherman: well tomarrow is going to quite alot warmer but still a bit brisk. the high is going to be -40 degrees and the low will be around -60. and dont forget about that windchill.
by Lemmings January 29, 2005
Short for Anti-Son Of A Bitch Stick. also known as the light saber in halo 2. sometimes known as the Anti-kyle weapon.
This thing is the best ASOB Stick. YAAAAA HALO 2
by Lemmings October 25, 2004
Where Is the?? Who Knows????
Wheres the beef??????
by lemmings December 03, 2004
a person whom often seems extraordinarily horny all the time.
also see kyle
also you can see kyle
by Lemmings August 31, 2004