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1) pointlesswasteoftime.com => a site that sinks the gullible
2) kick-ass humour site for the ones that GET IT.
to the incredibly stupid, thick, and dull-witted: "IT'S SATIRE! YOU CANNOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! GODDAMN!"
by Davo July 05, 2004
North East dialect for spit, saliva
The pavement was covered in hockle
by Davo February 16, 2003
1. Yes
2. Song title (when one has no brains to come up with another one)
3. A reply used at someone when they say something REALLY stupid in order to show them you do not give a rat's ass.
1. Yea
3. Idiot: Do you prefer these shoes or these shoes?
Guy: ... Yea.
by Davo March 26, 2004
A description of a toilet that has a lid that won't allow you to stand up and urinate because the lid keeps falling down, resulting in mess, annoyance, and possible dry-cleaning bills.
I just got caught by the penis fly trap upstairs; there's mess everywhere! It got my new jeans!
by Davo March 22, 2005
A sport invented in 2003 involving the gonads of the male sex, where he (e.g. the jackass) must reciprocate his balls up and down the rough bark of a tree (pref. maple).
If the man loses (as in, his balls fall off), then he must seek emergency treatment and possibly a sex change.
Once the man went to the woods to eporleate, he never returned to sanity.
by Davo March 26, 2004
A pierced clitoris
She got a moostaka yesterday!
by Davo June 10, 2004
Another name for a horny Catholic.
"Lock the door, pumster is on the prowl!"
by Davo February 01, 2005
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