One of Mike Idehs many alias'
Hey beef your gay ass
by wu tang dubs February 25, 2005
A cause of a dispute or an argument.
Person 1: Wanna join me and my friends for our trip to the mountains?
Person 2: Only if David isn't joining. I've got a major beef with him
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
a townie term for violence
"There will be Beef."
by itcreaks June 28, 2004
the magic green herbs that allow us to say stuff like "look at that turtoise i mean tortle...AHHHH wat am i saying?"
mosher b smoking beef!
by revenant April 27, 2004
*Another term for "fart".

*A term representing a grudge.

*Some good eatin'! ^_^ comes in hamburgers and even big fat steaks. I hear that deer tastes better though.
"....but people from India must think we're a bunch of psychotic lunatics (seeing as how, duh, beef comes from cows, and how cows are sacred in India). -_-' "
by Dave March 28, 2004
beef (v.): to flatulate, usually loudly and obnoxiously, and more than likely have a little mess afterward
example: "aw shit that nigga just beefed in his drawers, you"
by lipko March 11, 2004
a conflict that results in the physical harm of one of the opposing sides, real life problems with one another.. not no bullshit argument or lil' scuffle.
"whats beef? Beef is when you need two gats to goto sleep, Beef is when i see you..." -B.I.G.
by ErnDollarz March 01, 2004

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