weed, cannabis, not crack
lets go skeg some beef out me dads stash
by notorious N-I-K February 21, 2004
when u wanna mess around wit sum one or when sum one else wanna mess around wit u
yo dat nigga wants to beef wit me
by infammizz February 14, 2004
having drama, being pissed
dude, what's your beef?
by joanna December 23, 2003
A slang word for pot (cannabis)
You gettin any beef the night man
by Duncan December 05, 2003
whats beef, beef is when you need 2 gats to go to sleep.whats beef beef is when your mums aint safe up in the streets
whats beef. beef is when u make ur enemies start to jeep
by g October 18, 2003
tension; negative feelings towards someone else; disagreements; the event of effects of drug deals gone bad; etc.
From Mobb Deep's "Survival of the Fittest": '...we never around when the beef cooks in my part of town..."
by terrell mateo October 03, 2003
1.Having a problem with some one.
2.Not liking someone.
You keep staring at me like you got beef.
by Tiara July 04, 2003

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