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When you spark a brer
You brer *spark*
by Bæf (roymundo) May 03, 2003
To take a nasty fall, as in skateboarding
"Dude, did you see Justin beef it in the half-pipe?"
by Bobito March 21, 2003
Beef Is To Rap Or Freestyle,
It Also Is Another Word For A Verse
Im a Beef continuesly till ya'll get sick of me
by Mic Controlla Z July 07, 2011
For those of us who can't say BFF drunk and it comes out sounding like beef. Also for those of us who hate the word bestie.
Mallory: Oh my God Maggie I hate the word bestie. You're my bff(pronounced beef when you have a drunken slur).
by msmayhemm August 24, 2010
another name for male parts
"have you got beef???"
by HamHamis well good May 12, 2009
used in the midwest area, beef is when you say something about someone, and they are the "punchline" of your joke.
Jessica: Bitch your breath stank like shit!!

Rick: Damn hoe, why you beef me like that.

Jessica: Ahaaaa. Im Honest.

**could also use beefing or beefin.
by JessiBella. March 07, 2009
(B)est (E)st (E)ver (F)friend.
nuff said. =]
Devan joyce is hali lynns BEEF. They are beefs (NMW)
by Hali lynn C November 18, 2008