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Only Fat People can wale. You sit on the ground and and slap the fat drooping down from your leg. It is only waling when your leg fat shakes!
Abby sat on his number in PE. While the teacher was not looking, he started waling in front of Josh.
by YoYoNoYo555 February 25, 2014
To hit, punch, beat, kick, and thrash so hard that people think you're a Japanese fisherman brutally harpooning/ murdering your whale victim.
1. Johnny was waling so hard on Mark yesterday! He had two black eyes!
2. I waled on my boss the other day because he fired me and now my hands smell like sweet victory and gorgon blood.
3. You should wale on that guy for cutting you in the Panda Express line!
by Grin March 25, 2014
When a big chick starts grinding her blowhole on you
Kelly, the oversized stripper, started waling me for a tip.
by darm14 January 31, 2015
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