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Arguably the worst movie in History.
John Travolta produced and starred in this monumental piece of dung because it's based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and Johnny boy is one of several Hollywood celebities brainwashed by the Scientology creepos.
If you think the movie is shit, you should have a look at the book!
I'd rather sit on an anthill than watch Battlefield Earth.
by Hugh G Rection January 16, 2006
201 61
Battlefield Earth is possibly the worst movie ever made. This movie must have crippled John Travolta's Career! Why was this movie ever realesed!
RANDY: Yo RJ wanna go see the new battlefield Earth movie?

RJ:I don't wanna see that piece of crap! I'd rather wath 12 hours of Stargate SG-1 and date your mum! Now can on lets go get Fried Chicken!
128 27
Possibly one of the worst movies ever made. In the movie, Earth's military forces get run over by Psychlos (guys who look like the Klingon variant of Jamaican people) and the Earth gets taken over. 200 years later, some guy named Jonnie 'Goodboy' Tyler gets captured by the Psychlos, who are SO stupid that they teach him how to read, write, and fly transport vehicles, so using his brilliant intellect, Jonnie goes to Fort Knox to get gold for the Psychlos, then goes to Fort Knox, where he gets fighter jets (that are still working after 200 years) and gets a guy to transport himself to the Psychlo home planet, where said guy nukes everything with ONE bomb. Killed John Travolta's acting career.
Terl (played by John Travolta): "It's all about leverage!"
by crazyrabbits May 09, 2005
63 32
Holywood Movie Critics synonym for shit until Gigli came along.
That Gigli movie was the biggest piece of Battlefield Earth I've ever seen.
by Jeff Wilder November 11, 2003
62 31
A really heinous shit.

Named after notorious sci fi turd starring John Travolta.
"Oh boy, I wouldn't go in there for a while. I just did a massive Battlefield Earth. A real stonker. Wow."
by Lawrence of The Nether Regions September 10, 2012
25 1
Perhaps the worst motion picture ever released, not just because of how bad of a movie it was, but due to the criminal fraud charges levvied on the producers, Franchise Pictures, for overstating the film's budget in an attempt to scam investors.
If you are looking for a movie so bad that it was a crime to produce, Battlefield Earth is the perfect example.
by nick weiner August 21, 2008
20 10
Somebody with incredibly long dreadlocks. Reference to the movie Battlefield Earth, where John Travolta's character has said hair style.
Gary: Dude, that chick is hot!
Eldon: If you're referring to Battlefield Earth over there, I don't think we can hang out anymore.
by WilliamGBeggs January 16, 2012
2 8