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A slang term for the Refresh button on a web browser. Almost, if not every web browser ever produced has made F5 as the hotkey for "refresh".
A young 12-year old vandalizes the George W. Bush on Wikipedia. Just to see how long his work stays before reversion, he keeps F5'ing hoping that each time he hits it the article won't be reverted.
by Nick Weiner April 20, 2008
1. A statistic in sports, mainly hockey and soccer, when you pass the object in play to a teammate who then scores.

2. A statistic in first-person shooters that shows how many times you tried to kill an enemy but your teammate had to finish the job.
1. In an ice hockey game, I got an assist by passing across the ice to my teammate who then shot and scored.

2. In Call of Duty I shot a guy in front of me only for him to strafe away and I got an assist after he ran right into my teammate's bayonet.
by Nick Weiner February 03, 2009
A town in extreme upstate New York that is pretty much the only place for activity in that whole area. Very cold in the winter.
I went up north towards Quebec; all of interest along the way was in the city of Plattsburgh.
by Nick Weiner February 03, 2009
A purely Hasidic Jew community in Orange County, New York. Given that the women have prolific amounts of children and don't work after giving birth to their second child the town is among the poorest in the United States.
Poverty, strict religion, and beards, all in one: Kiryas Joel.
by Nick Weiner February 07, 2009
Perhaps the worst motion picture ever released, not just because of how bad of a movie it was, but due to the criminal fraud charges levvied on the producers, Franchise Pictures, for overstating the film's budget in an attempt to scam investors.
If you are looking for a movie so bad that it was a crime to produce, Battlefield Earth is the perfect example.
by nick weiner August 21, 2008
The name of the logo in the Xbox 360 hit Gears of War. It consists of a blood-covered skull incased within a blood-covered COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments) logo. These appear in the single player mode wherever a COG tag is to be found, as well as in multiplayer as a health meter (the more apparent the symbol appears on the screen, the closer you are to being downed).
The Gears of War icon that appears on your Gamercard showing you played the game is the Crimson Omen.
by Nick Weiner May 11, 2008
A derogatory phrase regarding the ailing American car company Ford, in which the word compacted into an acronym spells, yes, Ford.
Ford stands for Fix or Repair Daily.
by Nick Weiner March 06, 2009

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