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Batman is when you cum in a girls hair while she's asleep and when she wakes up her hair is sticking straight up like batmans ears
Yo, I gave my girl a Batman last night, she woke up and I had slept with Bruce Wayne
by Spazmeister February 10, 2005
48 69
You do this when a girl has fallen asleep when you are giving her some of your best moves. If this happens keep tossing yourself off and smear cum all over her face in the shape of batmans mask. Then ejaculate again and this time smear the cum in a bat shape all over her chest.
My girls a bitch she never appreciates my good loving am gonna jump in ma batman
by Sneezy123 October 03, 2007
11 33
To cum into a girl's eye while she is sleeping
1.I batmanned my girl last night, when she opened her eyes she was up for a surprise.
2.I supermanned,spidermanned, and batmanned that bitch until she was all covered with my cum.
by Kyle Springfield October 05, 2007
10 34
When u jackoff on a flash light and u turn it on and sling it on a wall in the shape of a bat.
I did the batman last night
by Luke Joe May 12, 2008
0 25
When you grab each side of your nut sack and stretch it as far each way as you can. Then, you get some jackass to look at it. You then scream batman and meatgazer to attract attention. Finally, you are allowed to kick him in the ass 3 times calling him a fag each time.
I grabbed my sack and made my adhad ass brother look at my batman. All steps followed.
by Chet the mover December 01, 2007
6 32
The dark knight. When you crap on yo girl's back and it looks like a cape. Ewww.
Yo, I batmanned that ho.
by B-dawwg November 23, 2007
2 33
when a man cums inside a woman's pussy and turns around and sucks his own cum out the woman and swallows it. Its known batman because its very mysterious and dark
Yo dude i did the batman n I taste like strawberry lol
by dark knight bahamas February 17, 2008
4 37