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The big city, the Big Apple, etc. From superhero comics.
The arch-criminal Lex Luthor plans to steal all the bearer bonds in Gotham.
by octopod May 29, 2004
New York City. First given to NYC by Washington Irving in the early 19th century magazine Salmagundi.
"Mr. Mayor, can I say something in your honor?
Yesterday in Central Park they got the jogger.
Ok, let's get the confusion straight in Ghetto Gotham...
Things are getting serious, kumbaya,
On the mountain Satan offer me Manhattan take me Jah Jah."
--The Fugees, The Beast

by 098765432 April 24, 2009
A secret place for batman believers to escape reality and enjoy the company of each other.
I think I am going to hideout in Gotham tonight and watch a batman movie.
by Texas.Diamond October 23, 2013
vindictive, spontaneous behavior expressed towards a fellow mortal in efforts of saving one's own day (i.e. making themselves feel better about themselves. Derived from the cruelty of NYC enviro.
If she wasn't so gotham we could invite her along to hang this weekend.
by Same Wave August 04, 2004
A Legendary CS Player known to the Town Folk
man1 : are you the real gotham, the amazing cs player?
gotham : yes brb going to cpl
man1 : sign my boobies your my hero
by groupie June 19, 2003
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