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One of the most overrated peices of crap wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Wrote one of the lamest wrestling autobiographies of all time, where he brags about cheating on his wife while she was fighting cancer. A real class act. He even wrote that he had no respect for the business and was only in it for the money. If you don't respect the business that made you, get the fuck out.

He also can't go through a single match without getting injured, botching (fucking up) a move, or both.

BOTCHtista is one of the reasons why WWE sucks today, and is also a reminder that the WWE has not created any new LONGTERM main eventers since 2005.

The guy has his head so far up Triple H's ass, that if he rammed it up there any further, he would see what "The Game" eats for breakfast every morning.
Jim: How did you like the Batista match last night?

Scott: Not at all, I don't like the roided up move botching injury prone douchebag roid monkey

Jim: yeah, anyone who cheers for a man who does not even respect the wrestling business, is not a real wrestling fan to begin with.

Scott: Yes, just a dumb mark sheep

Jim: As much as John Cena sucks, at least he respects the business and the fans.
by Scott Is God August 17, 2009
133 59
A professional wrestler contracted with the WWE, who is the most over-hyped, under-talented, and non-charismatic flop ever seen. Hopefully, in the near future he will die, as he abuses steroids. Better yet, Brock Lesnar returns and F-5's Batista through three flaming tables onto a bed of thumbtacs. His finishing move is the Brooklyn Bomb, which was mislabeled as the Batista Bomb by mistaken commentators.
Batista, The Great Khali, and John Cena will be the death of professional wrestling.
by Joey Orgler October 20, 2007
38 31
A piece of shit wrestler who got more fame than he deserved. Then agin Vince McMahon gets a LARGE erection over well built men.

Horrible wrestler who just uses a double underhook rib breaker (holds both arms and knees the ribs twice), Spinebusters, Clothlines, and a Sitout Powerbomb as his ONLY movies outside punching and kicking.

Also fired for getting ECW's Shelly Martinez {Arial, Kevin Thorns Valet) fired because she freaked out on him for constantly hitting on her in public. He went crying to Triple H who went to Stephine who fired her.

Also do to his inemptness caused The Undertaker a servere injury
God only knows how Triple H pulled the matches out with Batista that he did.

2x WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 2x World Tag Team Champion both times with Ric Flair, 1x WWE Tag Team Champion with Rey Mysterio Jr. 2005 Royal Rumble Winner. 2/1 Wrestlemania Record.
by realtakerv2 July 15, 2007
16 11
A cutie pie who is so cute and sexy and an great wrsetler. And hes the best body i have ever seen!
Batista is soooo cute just look at that body!
by Amy April 07, 2005
36 38
A large tattooed neanderthal who likes to smash things.
Batista SMASH!!
by Saxon = joke account November 28, 2003
45 47
One who jacks of to gay porn and thinks of his mother while jerking
Look at that batista over there! Its watching gay porn!
by Monolithic_Juggernaut January 21, 2008
15 21
See definition for the word "steroids".
That Batista, he uses steroids.
by bastion booger July 29, 2005
36 60
Wrestler who is complete crap. Nicknamed Botchtista because he botches a lot of moves.
I hate Botchtista, just like I hate Randy Boreton and the Game-uuuuuuuuuh.
by AJAW July 18, 2004
36 85