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12 definitions by Debbie

n; breasts, boobs, tits
She has a set of bodacious ta tas.
by Debbie August 03, 2003
125 43
"Hoes In Training"
Little girls who dress up like sluts, hanging out at various places such as movie theaters, supermarkets, & Dennys, trying to pick up older men.
H.I.T. are everywhere in Miami
by Debbie May 31, 2004
55 17
A Fucking SEXY GIRL. NAMED DEBIE. She enjoys hot lesbian porn, making out with random guys, eating food, and having hot creamy butt sex.
That Debbie girl is one sexy biatch.
by Debbie June 20, 2004
51 28
Visually stunning wrestler, incredibly sexy. Possibly looks sexier in clothes than out of them.
Example? For God's sake look at the man
by Debbie March 11, 2005
54 43
mad orgasmic
this party is gonna be cumalicious!
by debbie March 11, 2003
8 11
This man told his wife she must wake up in the morning or she must give him head he woke up the next morning and she didn't want togo hunting so he gave her one last chance while he got the dogs ready. He came back in she was still in bed so she gave him head she said to him, "Babe this taste like shit." He said, "The dogs didn't want to hunt either." !!
"Dude, home chucked his dog."
by Debbie February 19, 2004
2 9