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a silly noise one makes when they wish you to be quiet: usually used in combination with a pointer finger before ones mouth
Susie (with her finger in front of lips): Shhh....be quiet
by Jadah February 05, 2005
An awesome physical specimen of a man; sexy; talented; evolutionized
i.e. Batista vs. Orton - obvious, right?
by Jadah February 04, 2005
n. an unknown entity that leaves a person when they are frightened or scared
Jean-Baptiste says: BOOO!
Rayne says: Ahhhh! Jean-Baptiste you scared the bejeezers outta me!
by Jadah February 05, 2005
a. to desire, with the belief in possibility of obtaining
Jadah is hopeful that her big break will indeed happen and her life will be all that she ever dreamed.
by Jadah February 05, 2005
a state of confusion a person enters when they come face to face with greatness; also occurs when meeting a celebrity.
Jadah walks into the Pub and sits at the bar.
Jadah says, "May I have a screwdriver?"
The bumbling bartender is noticibly shaken by her surreal beauty. And reaches under the bar then hands her a phillips head. "It's on the house."
by Jadah February 05, 2005
Bringer of my hopes; Giver of my dreams; Receiver of my faith
God is Everything a person could need.
He is your eternal supplier of hopes, dreams and faith.
by Jadah February 05, 2005
n. feline. A Himalayan cat abondoned in the hallways of my mothers apartment building whom I took into my home. Also the only cat with whom I shared my chocolate milk with. You will be missed, R.I.P. my sweet Jadah.
Jadah was a very loving and adorable cat, but not so bright. He used to set his whiskers on fire while sitting to close to candles. We all miss you!
by Jadah February 05, 2005
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