A sport that id for fat losers that dont have enough energy to run around a lacrosse field. And is basically just an excuse to sit around and chew while wearing gay ass sun glasses. It is also the most BORING sport to watch on the face of the planet. Not to mention they are the second biggest pussies in the world second to soccer players, you got hit with a baseball big deal, try getting hit with a rubber ball filled with cement at 100mph.
" Hey look at those baseball fags"!
Baseball player1 "Hey wanna go do some chew"
Baseball player2 "Sure, can I wear my gay 5$ gas station glasses"?
Baseball player1 " sure and maybe we can have butt sex after, and talk about how much we hate lacrosse".
by LAXBRO69! September 27, 2010
The sport that perfectly captures what Americans want in sports: Very little action to cater for the usually non-athletic players, mind-numbing stopping and starting, for the ADD-affected fans, and a whole lot of gayness. It is basically a girl's game(rounders) that has been over-hyped so Americans don't feel stupid. Created, like most American sports, because Americans can't win at any true international team sports. Americans needed a game which required characteristics only Americans had I.e. the ones stated above, so Baseball was born. Definitely a lot better than American "football" though. That definitely takes the cake for the most boring, unpopular, fat boy gay ritual. No American "football" fan can hate on Baseball.boreball sleepball fatball steroidball hot-dog ball
American sports fan: Hey, did you catch the baseball game last night?

TRUE sports fan: No. It must have been a very exciting game. *giggles.* What were the highlights?

American sports fan: Oh, there were Budweiser commercials, and Doritos commercials, and there were some fat spectators fighting....

TRUE sports fan: I'm talking about the game itself. Why did you watch it? Were there any homeruns etc.

American sports fan: Now you know no one watches sports for sports sake, right? We watch for the ads, the cheerleaders..

TRUE sports fan: Only in America.
by GuanJin August 10, 2010
Life (stupid urbandictionary is messing with the simplicity of this definition).
Person 1: Baseball is life
Person 2: That's repetitive, life is life?
by zachakabaseballgod October 15, 2006
Best goddamn sport ever. Screw whatever the hell you assholes in Britian call Rounders. WTF is that shit? Baseball is a great game, and the AMERICAN pastime, so it's automatically freakin awesome. FUCK YOU BRITIAN!!!! CUZ WE WON THE REVOLUTION!!!! HA!!!!
American: Let's go watch the Yankees vs. Red Sox game at the bar.

Brit: I do believe we should go onto the pub and watch a little soccer

American: Never say soccer to an American you fag!!!

American:*punches out British bastard* C'mon guys, let's go watch the Yankees game. And then, we can laugh at England for losing the Revolution!

Other Americans: Sounds good Joe.
by PhillyEaglesFan005 April 14, 2005
THE WORST SPORT EVER INVENTED! go play a real mans sport like hockey or locrosse. even soccer is better than baseball at least then your not standing still for 3 hours
Dude: did you see the baseball game lastnight?

guy: no baseball is dumb, you fatty
by imtheman24 October 24, 2010
A game that takes all sorts of cunning, wit, skill, coordination, speed and yes, steroids. This sport is America's pasttime and was at one point actually fun to watch, a game where very few pitchers could throw in the 90s and it didn't even revolve around the longball (hard to imagine). These days, the question is who is the next big steroid bust going to be and how much money the trade will be worth. Unfortunately, the commissioner of baseball (Bud Selig) will never be able to truely enforce any regulation to clean up the game because of the incredibly strong Major League Baseball Players Association (led by anti-testing proponent donald Fehr). The MLBPA also has kept baseball as the only professional sport without a hard salary cap, which allows powerhouse teams such as the Yankees to buy all the high-market talent.

It is still a fun sport, but it would be a bad idea for anyone to attend or watch any baseball games until the sport is cleaned up.
Rafael Palmeiro: "Let me start by telling you this: I have never used steroids, period."
====10 days pass====
Rafael Palmeiro: "I have never intentionally used steroids. Never. Ever. Period. Ultimately, although I never intentionally put a banned substance into my body, the independent arbitrator ruled that I had to be suspended under the terms of the program."

Jason Grimsley confessed to the use of human growth hormones, amphetamines and steroids in 2003. Grimsley openly admitted to having half of his net-worth invested in his brother-in-law's pharmaceutical company and that he, Grimsley, was playing baseball as a hobby - implying that Grimsley is deeply entrenched personally and financially in widespread steroid use throughout Major League Baseball.
by ASBands July 24, 2006
A very hard and much more dangerous sport then any other american sport (except for maybe nascar, but driving a car is not really a sport.) The only sport (besides nascar) where someone has died in. The person also died by just getting hit by a 80 mph curveball not even a 100 mph fastball. Nobody has ever died from pussy football. Also hitting a roundball with a round bat is the hardest thing to do in sports.
Football players are secret gays because they like to tackle men in tight pants.

by ac333334 December 06, 2006

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