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The sport that perfectly captures what Americans want in sports: Very little action to cater for the usually non-athletic players, mind-numbing stopping and starting, for the ADD-affected fans, and a whole lot of gayness. It is basically a girl's game(rounders) that has been over-hyped so Americans don't feel stupid. Created, like most American sports, because Americans can't win at any true international team sports. Americans needed a game which required characteristics only Americans had I.e. the ones stated above, so Baseball was born. Definitely a lot better than American "football" though. That definitely takes the cake for the most boring, unpopular, fat boy gay ritual. No American "football" fan can hate on Baseball.boreball sleepball fatball steroidball hot-dog ball
American sports fan: Hey, did you catch the baseball game last night?

TRUE sports fan: No. It must have been a very exciting game. *giggles.* What were the highlights?

American sports fan: Oh, there were Budweiser commercials, and Doritos commercials, and there were some fat spectators fighting....

TRUE sports fan: I'm talking about the game itself. Why did you watch it? Were there any homeruns etc.

American sports fan: Now you know no one watches sports for sports sake, right? We watch for the ads, the cheerleaders..

TRUE sports fan: Only in America.
by GuanJin August 10, 2010

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