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1. a game in which you have a batter a pichter and an umpire, the point is to hit the ball in order to make it to at least 1st base or go for the gold in a homerun. as for scoring a point for each team mate runs across the home plate at which you first were up to bat.

2. The best game ever played for pothead and frequent smokers alike. the way you play is you take x amount of hits or drags and pass it to the next person and not exhaling until you get the blunt/joint back to you. the object of the game is to see who can hold there breath the longest. (Note: this game needs 2+ players)
example 1: GUY 1: dude are you gonna go to baseball practice?

Guy 2. idk bro, i heard coach is being a douche today.

example 2: smoker 1: ayyy you down to play baseball even though its only the 2 of us?

smoker 2: fasho man. start with 2 hits.
by ayyy_dubb January 08, 2011

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