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The only sport in the world, where porfessional athletes get paid to do nothing. Worst game on earth to watch on television. No sport can be anymore retarted when an MLB Player gets paid $100,000,000 for 5 years to hit a rolled up thread with a piece of wood, get injured 7 games into the season, still get paid for that year, play a shitty season the next year, then decides to retire on the 3rd year, because he's past his prime, and still get paid for the years he's not playing.
Mike: Hey Spence, did you watch the baseball game yesterday?

Spence: FUCK NO!!! I watched 2 games of hockey within' 1 game of baseball! Baseball's shit man, get your head on right!

Mike: No man, i was just checkin' to make sure you didn't watch any baseball, cause if you did, i'd have to beat the shit outta you right now man.
by Splancer October 20, 2005
The act of smoking the street drug, crack, usually out of a glass pipe shaped like a bat.
He gave into the pressure and played baseball at the party.
by Andrew123 June 05, 2005
1) A sport consisting mainly of standing in a field or in a bullpen, chewing gum, spitting that gum out, and kicking up some dust to get mad at someone

2) A very hard object, that when whipped hard enough, can kill people who have been making fun of your 3-legged rabbit Potsie
1) I'd rather fornicate myself with 3 hot rods simutaneously then play baseball.

2)Dude, I just hit Ben Affleck with a baseball!
by Exhibit May 15, 2005
A sport designed to entertain the less mentally able persons
Every noticed that only old fat rednecks play baseball? Other real sports only the youngs play it.
by Yak Fu May 20, 2005
the most boring sport in the world next to golf and nascar
i'd rather watch the grass grow other than play baseball
by irishmoron May 18, 2005
The ultimate pussy sport in high school. Played by outta shape kids who think they're athletic, but really couldn't run a mile if their lives depended on it.
Guy 1: Hey don't you have a baseball game tonight?
Guy 2: Nope. It got canceled. There's a puddle on the field.
by 123454321 June 12, 2006
1)the most pathetic sport ever conceived...its sole purpose is to entertain fat pathetic american losers who have no lives.

2)the act of running around in circles with a break in between

3) a sport where an athelete can be overweight and still be considered a great star

4) a sport that even a chimp can play (hit a ball with a bat....wtf??)

5) It pays wayyyy toooo much for its absurd simplicity and mediocrity....they pay the freaking athletes to do nothing

6) what an "all-american dad" wants his son to play.....i know from experience. *pukes*

7)Dumbest sport in high school....only for stupid jocks that like to grab balls and sticks..

8) poor man's cricket

9) only sport that gets cancelled over a crappy shower O_O

I can go on....but a sport this bad....doesnt deserve all of my breath and crticism
baseball is too bad for an example....

but a team that gets paid over 100,000,000 and still sucks major ass...can tell you something about it....
by UniqueHuman September 05, 2006