"What the fuck? You girls are just a bunch of dumb Barbies"

Sammy Hoot and her friends are all barbies.
by Street Jumper. September 14, 2010
Top Definition
Aussie slang for a BBQ.
“Come on mate, lets fire up the barby”
“Put some stake and onions on the barby, mate”
by Robby101 November 02, 2006
Broke Ass Ridiculous Bitches Imitating Everybodys Swag

nicki minaj and her BARBIES
by Elfresh January 24, 2010
street name for barbiturates.
You lookin'? Big Lean's in the market, dawg. Got himself some righteous-ass barbies.
by no pain, no pain October 15, 2007
Broke Ass Reckless Bitches Imitating Everyones Swagg

= B.A.R.B.I.E.S
Jane : " Look at that girl over there ! She totally stole that other girls swagg . She looks so fake and plastic . Way to much plastic surgery "

Kate : " SMFH Barbies "
by OMGitsKala May 19, 2010
Stiletto shoes with pointed toes that eventually deform feet; the shape of a Barbie doll's feet.
God, will you look at those killer Barbies!
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008
Gay men who define themselves as being transgender or are into cross-dressing and drag shows.
Barbies often prefer city life, given the lack of understanding and sensitivity they find in rural communities.
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