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Suburban, preppy girls or women who like to max out their father's/husband's Visa cards on a daily basis. Usually White, they use phrases like, "Oh my God," on a regular basis, and have usually never done a good day's work in their lives.
The Barbies spent entire day at the mall, checking out hotties at Abercrombie & Fitch before getting an iced chai to go.
by April March 13, 2004
the politically correct term for adult toys. plastic,glass, etc. vibrating. non vibrating pleasure toys
My barbies rock my world! I don't have a man sufficeint enough right now, therefore i rely on my barbies.
by texasgirlsrock! July 12, 2010
two guys faggin it up together with the names of burke and darby. a copy off of bradgelina. man ho ginger and dumbass cock sucker pasty freak that suck face every five seconds.
by v. gina August 30, 2008
Barby is a doll that little girls usually play with and screen in happiness or cry in sadness imagining that barby is having a baby.. :)
Barby, are you ok today?
Are you hungry or thirsty?
by Crazy Rabit April 02, 2007