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Boots with fur on them.
These people trying to define boots with the fur are DUMB... "she was wearing boots with the fur"
by thebleedenator March 10, 2008
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Boots containing fur material typically accessorizing the top of the boot or integrated with the external fabric panels.
She had apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur.
by lulu393 October 05, 2013
An adjective to describe something that is fly or off the chain. Also can describe an intense state of elation.
She thought she was all boots with the fur last night, but she's really a skank.

That party was boots with the fur awesome.

by mirabelleo February 04, 2008
An annoying girl that shows up at your house randomly and does random sexual acts with one of your housemates.
Boots with the fur is here, again.
by Chimothy Richandals January 29, 2008
i personally thing that boots with the fur is just a girl with a giant bush hanging out of her pants soo far that it rubs on her boots...
holy cow look at that girl she really has her ''boots with the fur'' goin on
by i am the DICTIONARY April 10, 2008

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