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10 definitions by Astrapto

A Verb, meaning "to manipulate events totally and subtly, controlling both sides of an interaction to achieve one's own end."

Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars orchestrated the Clone Wars, the downfall of the Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, and Separatist Movement, and commanded complete control over the Galactic Empire and the Dark Side of the Force. He was the ultimate double agent, parading among his powerful enemies without suspicion. He appeared the benevolent elected leader while masterfully plotting the demise of everything god. Thus "to palpatine" means that one controls a situation completely and can bring about whatever results he desires without anyone being aware.
It can applied to trivial situations as well.
Fred: "Dude, did you hear Jeff and Andrea broke up?"
Winston: "Yeah, that was all Clara's doing. She manipulated their emotions and aggravated the conflict so that she could get with Jeff."
Fred: "She totally palpatined them!!"
by Astrapto August 29, 2009
67 15
"For The w00t" is a way of combining two popular phrases, "For the win" (abbreviated "ftw")and "w00t." Both serve as exclamations of support and preference.
Lenny: "Dude, Micheal Jackson ftw."
Chester: "Yeah, w00t for Jacko."
Bob: "Guys, just say ftw00t and hit two birds with one stone."
by Astrapto July 05, 2009
71 26
The SFW version of nerdgasm.
Boy: "Grandma! I just bought a top-of-the-market graphics card! I think I'm having a... a - a......"
Gran: "A What, boy?"
Boy: "...A nerdspasm!!"
by Astrapto November 04, 2010
56 15
n. - (ri·pup'·ər·eɪ'·ʃʌn)
The oft-necessary resting period that follows the routine unloading of fecal matter from the human anus.
The word is a blend of "poop", a slang term for fecal matter, and "recuperation."
-Examples of morphological derivatives are:
repooperative (area or period)
repooperacoon (modeled after the recuperacoon from MS Paint Adventures)
Jim has been in the bathroom forever, maybe someone should check on him." "I just did; he's all done, just waiting out the repooperation period. He can't even walk for long without first repooperating.
by Astrapto April 14, 2011
52 15
The art of making facebook statuses that are valuable to your friends and not annoying.

A practicer of statusry is a statustician.
"97% won't repost this" because it's an awful example of statusry. I bet you have individual ideas to express, creatively and clearly.
by Astrapto May 16, 2011
49 13
An acronym that means "Get Thee Out." it is the SFW version of GTFO.
It would've been GTH, ("get thee hence") had that word not already been taken.
Guy at work: "A friend request from That Guy?! Never, GTO!"
*looks around*
Boss: "You're fired."
by Astrapto November 04, 2010
73 39
A person skilled in statusry.
Characterized by their postage of insightful, helpful, or valuable status updates on facebook.
That girl just summarized the major trends of F. Scott Fitzgerald's works in just a sentence, with proper and clear grammar. What a statustician!
by Astrapto May 16, 2011
58 25