1. 44th President of the United States. First president to not be fully white; therefore, no one can criticize without being called a racist. He is after all only half black.

2. A socialist at heart. He is redistributing wealth to all the slugs living off the government tit and declaring war on the middle class.

3. He looks a lot like the black bartender in Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video.

4. The chocolate Jimmy Carter.

5. Blames all failures on George Bush- see Bush Defense

6. The chocolate Adolf Hitler.

7. Living proof that no matter how sucessful a black man is, he's still living in govenment housing.

8. Looked more stupid than George Bush when he had the Beer Summit at the White House.

9. A disingenuous phony left wing nut pretending to be a moderate so he can try to please all the people all the time.

10. A skilled speaker, but at the end of the day, just another politician and in the worst way.

11. Cannot speak without a teleprompter!

12. A guy who has stated, "We can't keep our houses at 72 degrees, eat however we want, and drive our SUV's and think other countries are going to be okay with that." As if we are not independent enough to do what we please without offending the countries we previously freed from tyranny.

13. Hates America and Surrounds himself with like minded individuals. See/Google Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Michelle Obama, John Holdren, Tara O'Toole, Cass Sunstein, Jeff Jones etc. etc. etc.

14. Barack Obama is a synonym for a man who smooth talks you into bed but turns out to be a bad performer.

15. A noob that by got elected president for being the opposite of George Bush- a half black liberal democrat.

16. Extreme abortion supporter- up to 30 weeks!

17. Spends taxpayers money like he won the lottery- see Powerball Obama

18. Former ACORN attorney who gave them 8 billion dollars in his Stimulus Bill!

19. Last name Obama is an Acronym:






20. He Idolizes Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara and Karl Marx. Doubters please Google the above names with Obama's name. I wish I was making this up.

21. Attempted to destroy the World's Greatest Healthcare system. A failed politician, enough said.
In 50 years, history will not be so kind to Barack Obama.
by TheRightIsRight September 20, 2009
Top Definition
The chocolate Jimmy Carter.
Barack Obama: It's hope-filled, idealistic speeches and inefficient action all over again!
by barackosama February 25, 2008
The first half-white president.
I bet you only thought of Barack Obama as black, didn't you? Shame.
by PlutoRoman June 13, 2010
A Socialist Left-Wing Politician whose sole reason for being elected was his skin color, and whose favorite past times include making innate promises he is not able to keep and spending millions of tax payers on ridiculous unneccesary things. Be warned the people who support this man are usually idotic, ignorant, liberal douchebags who have almost no knowledge of politics and will defend him to the death.
Do not oppose Barack Obama's slanted, socialist political beliefs and views or you WILL be branded a racist.
by xafirinsdex March 27, 2011
A complete and utter idiot.
America had a one question test November 4th, A was John Mccain, B was Barack Obama. Sadly, America failed that test.
by NARPAS SWORD November 04, 2008
First black President of the United States. Was elected primarily because he is a good speaker, regardless of the lack of merit of the ideas he proposed. Obama is fundamentally incompetent, but beloved by the majority of the black community for the simple fact that he is black. Interestingly enough, and against all Democratic Party ideals, Barack Obama is also a chain smoker. Go figure.

Obama is also believed by many to be the antichrist, though this author thinks that that suggestion lacks merit.
Obamacare, an exercise in socialism and ultimate futility, is an excellent example of Barack Obama's general incompetence.
by NAQ--the IQ July 28, 2010
A species, or at least considered a species, Who changes it's mind every few seconds in order to try and seem like he knows what is good for its surroundings. Its popularity is decreasing as we speak. It dwells behind lies and meaningless plans. I consider it to be a fucking pussy because it never agrees to any interviews not chaperoned by a liberal. They have no foreign policy, and the only way they can get people to see them blabber about how much they hate their "broken" country is if they hold 2 free concerts prior to the lecture and get everyone drunk for free.
Tim: Barack Obamas are an endangered species
Karl: nice man!
by the best man ever August 15, 2008
A brainless organism who thinks that he is made of money
"Some say a Barack Obama would make a good president of our country, and many would oppose, such as I"
by Shaydes November 04, 2011
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