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A networking site geared towards aspiring models and photographers. It would be a great site, but it has flaws that are enough to overlook the pros. It's EXTREMELY unprofessional. For starters, the moderators are always on their high-horse & they'll ban members without any kind of warning if you get into a political/soapbox argument on the forums (I fail to see the connection between off-topic arguments & expanding your portfolio). And there's alot of perverted photographers who lack talent that are only interested in finding attractive models to shoot nude (or nearly nude) for their own personal pleasures & provide no benefit for the model.

Overall, Model Mayhem sucks & avoid it like a plague! It's only a matter of time before the site crashes & burns (which it will).
Skeeter: I want to build a portfolio with some nice photos. I'll join Model Mayhem.

Homer: Don't. It's unprofessional & shitty. It's full of pervy photographers who just want to see you naked & idiot moderators who exert their power plays & punish you for name-calling on the forums.

Skeeter: Okay, nevermind. I don't have to join to know that site sucks cock
by Soul_Driver July 25, 2011
Veteran filmmaker who's considered by many to be one of the most visionary directors of all time.

He's famous for his dream-like imagery, love of nature, philosophical elements, voice-over narration from multiple characters and being a recluse (Since it took him 20 years to be behind the camera again). He's not for everyone though since his films don't exactly move at consistence pace & the narratives can be ponderous at times, but for film snobs such as myself... he's definitely someone to admire.

Badlands (1973)
Days Of Heaven (1978)
The Thin Red Line (1998)
The New World (2005)
The Tree Of Life (2010)
Terrence Malick is proof that it's more about quality than quantity.
by Soul_Driver July 29, 2011
The best hair line for men ever. 100% Organic, weightless and free of chemicals that you find in most products. I normally don't go nuts for hair products, but it's pretty awesome stuff!
I love Hanz de Fuko, man! *takes out the Sponge Wax*
by Soul_Driver July 19, 2011
I would only be stating the obvious to describe the legendary comedian, but I just want to come on here & say that BrainStern is a fucking dipshit.

Steve Martin is was great in his heyday & BrainStern should stick to Judd Apatow films.
by Soul_Driver November 05, 2011
Drug Recognition Expert. They're trained & certified in determining whether or not somebody who's been arrested for DUI has been using drugs after they blew a 0.0 BAC.

Overall, it's pseudoscience at best. They're not medical doctors and frankly do not possess the training or skill to accurately interpret medical conditions, take vital signs and determine muscle rigidity and the causes thereof.

It's all opinion & I would imagine they feel like a total ass after they realize that the person's urine was squeaky clean...
The DRE process is flawed & they don't know as much as they think.
by Soul_Driver August 14, 2011
Hungarian pornographic actress AKA Sandy. While she mostly does girl-girl & hasn't done anything hardcore, it's her solo performances that are the real charm since her body is unbelievably stimulating. Especially her perfectly rounded bubble butt.
Zsanett Egerhazi is how every woman's body should look.
by Soul_Driver November 24, 2011
Faulkneresque, Pulitzer Prize-winning author who wrote quality novels like "Blood Meridian," "Child of God," "All The Pretty Horses," "The Road" and most notably "No Country For Old Men," since it was adapted into a film done by the consistently brilliant Coen Bros.

Arguably, he's the greatest American writer alive. Many of his books are quite bleak & are heavy on Southern language ("Whatta you mean you caint!") but if you can handle that, you'll see what a treasure he is to literature.
Will there ever be another Cormac McCarthy? Probably not.
by Soul_Driver May 14, 2012

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