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Some Noob running for President that offers little beyond meaningless speeches with positive words like future, vision, better, we will, ect. He has been in the Senate for three years and has spent two of those years running for President. Basically he is a guy with one year on the job. As an Illinois state legislator often voted with Republicans or "present" on most bills dealing with abortion. He also voted with conservatives in the Terri Shiavo feeding tube case, bill S.636. A bill of federal intervention that took power away from the state of Florida. A vote he said he should have known was unconstitutional being a constitutional professor. As chairman of a subcommittee responsible for NATO policy he has not held a single meeting and admits it is because he has been running for President. He is for Ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.
Obama Voter: Barack Obama is anti-establishment and will fix everything cause he doesn't take money from corporations.

Reality: Actually 46% of his money comes from executives of large corporations like Goldman Sachs. He has them funnel funds as individual donations to keep his populist image.
I don't know how you can be anti-establishment with support from most of the Democratic party, Rockerfellers, John Kerry, Kennedys and even Eiserhowers.

Obama Voter: Fuck you racist! In his great speeches Barack promised me a Pink Unicorn, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes!
by Eldridge Cleaver March 02, 2008
2177 2351
The first half-white president.
I bet you only thought of Barack Obama as black, didn't you? Shame.
by PlutoRoman June 13, 2010
6166 3109
The chocolate Jimmy Carter.
Barack Obama: It's hope-filled, idealistic speeches and inefficient action all over again!
by barackosama February 25, 2008
14292 11342
An Irish Jig who wants YOUR money so he can give it to mexicans and colored guys. He wants to confiscate YOUR guns to stop jigaboos from holding up liquor stores. He wants to tax YOUR pants off. He wants to bring change to YOUR life. Change like free partial birth abortion, marriage for corn holers and she-fags, and free socialist medicine.
Barack O'Bama the Irish Jig wants you to stop clinging to your guns and your religion and become a liberal twit.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 19, 2008
4166 2502
A complete and utter idiot.
America had a one question test November 4th, A was John Mccain, B was Barack Obama. Sadly, America failed that test.
by NARPAS SWORD November 04, 2008
6691 5039
A very popular Irish jig.
We danced the Barack O'Bama when Ted Kennedy was elected President.
by BigBird1017 March 18, 2008
3387 1851
A Socialist Left-Wing Politician whose sole reason for being elected was his skin color, and whose favorite past times include making innate promises he is not able to keep and spending millions of tax payers on ridiculous unneccesary things. Be warned the people who support this man are usually idotic, ignorant, liberal douchebags who have almost no knowledge of politics and will defend him to the death.
Do not oppose Barack Obama's slanted, socialist political beliefs and views or you WILL be branded a racist.
by xafirinsdex March 27, 2011
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A species, or at least considered a species, Who changes it's mind every few seconds in order to try and seem like he knows what is good for its surroundings. Its popularity is decreasing as we speak. It dwells behind lies and meaningless plans. I consider it to be a fucking pussy because it never agrees to any interviews not chaperoned by a liberal. They have no foreign policy, and the only way they can get people to see them blabber about how much they hate their "broken" country is if they hold 2 free concerts prior to the lecture and get everyone drunk for free.
Tim: Barack Obamas are an endangered species
Karl: nice man!
by the best man ever August 15, 2008
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