A variable of baller

rolling in dough - usually on payday, tax return season

is usually a temporary state of being due to the fact that when it is in hand, money is usually spent within the hour either mindlessly splurging on yourself or on others (maybe both) - on rare occasions, paying bills or people you owe large amounts of money to
Yo! Did you see Tiger's ex-wife's new pad? What a balla!
by Pseu Dohnym March 20, 2011
Top Definition
1.a pimp
2.some one who is good at sports
1.Im a balla fo real
2.Iverson is a Balla
by Jared February 28, 2004
A pimp or player. Someone who makes alot of money and can got anyone or anything that they want with no problem.
"I've always been a balla see all this bread I get what I want when I want"
by "Lil" Ray May 22, 2006
One who has skills.
Many Skills. Not neccessarily at basketball, but rather any activity that uses balls (not the persons)
It requires much skill to achieve "balla" status
: "Damn, that nigga is a balla!"
by Master Chief June 09, 2003
The rival gang of Grove Street families in the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game.
'Some Ballas just got shot up"
by Bag-a-bones7 September 26, 2006
Term meaning, great, amazing, top shelf, the best, good, ect....used to describe a person, place, or thing.
"That was the most BALLA shit ever"

translation- that was the best shit ever
by Jayfrizzlay May 22, 2008
One of the biggest gangs in Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). Also Grove Street's sworn enemy. Always seen wearing a purple article of clothing.
Dem Ballas' are killin' my homies!
by Maccer May 25, 2005
A person favoring flashiness over modesty.
Comes from "big baller" as in showing off your largess.
If a balla is a person of means, he wants the world to know about it. If he is not a person of means, he wants to fool the world into thinking he is.
That's a balla ride.
I'm goin' out balla style tonight.
Check my new balla grill.
by p-brane February 08, 2008
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