Saying after you hear something that was done, which was cool, like fucking your girl for the first time.
Mehmet: "Dude, i just got laid last night."

Liam: "BALLA!"
by Mehmet Aksoy November 07, 2008
something mad cool.
used at king philip by jouniors and claire.
pronounced (baw-lah)
Claire is mad BALLA!
That is so not balla.
by kayjohn November 13, 2006
The Afrikaans word for balls/testicles. It can be used to refer to a persons balls, or to use it as a nickname for a person - either friend or foe - depends mostly on the tone you use it to indicate which one you mean.
Friendly: Hey ballas, how hell are you?!?!
Agressive: Hey ballas, MOVE!!!


testicles: "My ballas is seer" TR=> "My balls hurt."
by Newmann November 30, 2006
To have much money
I'm Ballin' in the money, maybe later me and you can go shopping and really ball it up.
by APul January 11, 2003

Used by Sophmores (nameesh, pat, pat, and greg) at king philip.
Also used by Claire and Joe.
pronunciation: BAW-LAH
Claire is mad balla!

Mrs. Raymond, so un-balla.
by kayjohn November 14, 2006
Someone who has many skills upto and including smoking/selling weed, crack, poontang, and robing stores of 40's.
More than 99% of the time its a black man
Check dis nigga out! he a strizaght balla like mah nigga koby bryant.

Dis nigga aint slangin no rock, he's a fake ass balla
by GattacaEmpire April 03, 2006
One who sells Crack, also known as Roc, on corners in the ghetto areas of America.
I'm gonna score some roc nigga, I'm gonna go talk to those ballas over there.
by Phillip H. Donahue June 20, 2005
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