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Term meaning, great, amazing, top shelf, the best, good, ect....used to describe a person, place, or thing.
"That was the most BALLA shit ever"

translation- that was the best shit ever
by Jayfrizzlay May 22, 2008
A term used to describe a very friendly or flirtatious person (Male or Female) who is having sexual intercourse with more people then they could proud of, this person is very well known for providing sexual intercourse to the masses, and if they were alive during bibical times they would be known as "THE WHORE OF BABALYON".
Guy #1 - " I just got back from the movies with Tina. "
Guy #2 - " With Tina? "
Guy #1 - " Yeah why? "
Guy #2 - " Ha ha ha ha! No reason. "
Guy #3 - " She let you hit it didn't she? "
Guy #1 - " Yeah Why? "
Guy #2 - " She lets everybody hit that! "
Guy #3 - " Yeah bro, She is like The Whore of Babalyon. "
Guy #2 - " BURN! "
by Jayfrizzlay May 22, 2008
A term used to describe brown underware issued by the US Army, that fits similiar to bloomers. (they fit in the waist but the underware are so long you can tuck your niples in them)
We are going to the field tomorrow, make sure you pack your Barnett's.
by Jayfrizzlay May 22, 2008

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