one who is really good at basketball.
paul is a balla, lets ball with him.

(ball meaning play basketball)
by Le One May 21, 2005
One who plays ball like no other.
WOW, Luke is such a balla!
Luke is a balla like no other.
Unlike Dane, Luke is a true balla.
by luke March 12, 2003
Someone who is extremely cool.

"That girl is the most balla shit eva!"
by chelsea32491 November 21, 2006
Norwegian for one or both of the balls, or nutts (one or two of the testikles, or even the p-nis)
"Jeg fikk en ball i balla" (i got hit by a ball in the nuts)
"Rett i balla" (right in the nutts)
by GullLars April 06, 2005
such as a person with many skills in the game of basketball
did u see him ball today..he was makin everything
by SaZain October 20, 2003
something that is fuckin awesome
Bob: i got drunk last night and fucked some hoes
Tim: thats the most balla shit ever
by Deuce and Punbaka November 21, 2006
If your gettin' money.Also Ballin.
Yo he's a stra balla.
by Zedizzle February 20, 2005

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