Its like a "playa" only with the absence of a connotation of playing women, and the introduction of a connotation of being proficient at a ball-involved sport, usually basketball. It has evolved, similar to playa, to mean a popular, confident young person in certain youth societies.... the kind of societies that like to wear basketball jerseys that were apparently made for giants and jeans or sweatpants that were apparently made for the obese population, not the emaciated.
When meeting up with a good friend: "Hey, wassup balla?"
by Monty11 January 04, 2011
A variable of baller

rolling in dough - usually on payday, tax return season

is usually a temporary state of being due to the fact that when it is in hand, money is usually spent within the hour either mindlessly splurging on yourself or on others (maybe both) - on rare occasions, paying bills or people you owe large amounts of money to
Yo! Did you see Tiger's ex-wife's new pad? What a balla!
by Pseu Dohnym March 20, 2011
1. A wealthy young black person who spends their money on ice and rims.
2. Someone who is good at basketball.
1. Shit homie check out those 24's, that guy must be a balla.
2. Look at that balla out on the court.
by sam of p$c November 23, 2006
a person who can do anything, be it a sport or anything else with great excellence. Someone or something that is really cool.
That person is very balla or i can't wait for the party it is going to be balla.
by clara, taryn October 26, 2006
In the UK a ballas is 20 pounds worth of cannabis. Or an 8th of an ounce.
"yess fam, can I get dat ballas off you?"
"yeh roll up to tha Arb an meet me"
by youdunkno July 26, 2009
A chaciator from Rockstars Video Game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. They can be addressed by thier Purple outfits.
Fuck the Ballas.
by gtaluver12 May 27, 2009
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