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The name of the original faggot nationality of Hamler, Ohio. He who saw the world as making fun of Jew Fro's and was alleged to butt sexing a crane, while specializing in crane services. You can find him at the Toledo Zoo, Hamler, 281, or in a crane pin.
Guy 1: Hey, look at that Badenhop!
Guy 2: Wow, he looks like a crane!
Guy 1: He's having butt sex with a one too, this is a faggot nationality.
Badenhop: I don't see the problem in my ability to have connections with cranes, it's just something you guys are jealous of. If you'd like to further discuss it, I suppose I can take you all out for supper then we can kick it at my place and butt sex for dessert?
(Badenhop is left with he, himself, and his crane).
by jfacknowledgments August 09, 2011
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