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father comes again. nigerian name
Babatunde works at the phonathon everyday.
by yoruba February 16, 2005
83 18
Our father has return.........
If every thought
I had of you
was a rose
And every rose a word,
I would keep
picking endless roses
from the garden of my heart
And speak them all to you
loving someone so much my words can not express it
by Temi February 13, 2004
27 23
A black person.

Derogatory term.
1. 'Calm down, Babatunde, we'll get you a watermelon in a minute.'

2. 'Step out side, Babatunde. We don't serve fried chicken here.'
by asdfsdfg May 25, 2006
64 98
Paul Macoolies uncle.
There's Babatunde. Let's tell Paul.
by Ken March 09, 2005
6 42