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That one sucker that gives all his time and effort in to a girl that is just using him , even though they say they are in a relationship they do not ever get physical and if they do get physical she's either drunk ,or getting him to give her a Favour. She finds him weak and annoying and will often hook up with his much more appealing friends .
Bestfriend - Have you smashed yet

Sidemen -noooo ,but we went to the cinema last week and I paid , I love her soo much

Bestfriend - Are you ever going to smash ?

Sidemen - yeah ,but between the shopping sprees i finance and hours i put in doing her home work ,I'm happy just holding hands

Bestfriend - well just fyi ,tightest pussy around......

Sidemen - what ??......

Bestfriend- yeah............. awkward
by THeSunKiller November 19, 2013
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